What People Are Saying

"Just sending you a message thanking you for the great message about the Yager Youth Leadership Camp. This past weekend we had our Summer Leadership, a bunch of those young people were just coming back from the Youth Camp. I had interviewed them and we had them all on stage, and one by one we interviewed them, and man, was everybody ever impressed with the maturity of their responses. And you know they acted as if they had been in the business for years. And there's a range from kids of 16 to 21 or 25. Some, it was the first time they went there, some it was the fifth time they went there, so it ranged all over the ballpark, but man, was everybody impressed with the maturity and the integrity of those young people. So really appreciate you guys putting that on because it makes such a humongous difference."

Business Owner Dr. George

"I just wanted to send you a message about the Youth Conference, and I want to tell you that there is absolute magic that happens at those weekends. I will tell you every child that we've sent down there has had a transformation and it is a wonderful, wonderful personal experience for these kids and life changing. So thank you so much for your dedication to do that."

Business Owner MJ Michael

"I first attended YYLC 11 years ago when I was 16. My parents just told me I was going and I didn't care enough to put up a fight. Looking back, they had no idea how much of a difference that one week would make in our family, let alone for me. I was more confident in myself and more understanding of my role as a daughter. That was just what they saw, the friends I made, the people skills, and the association with a group of people who unashamedly expect the best and work hard for it made a huge impact on me. Each year I went back as a camper I built stronger relationships with friends, learned more about myself and my faith, and was encouraged to live a leaders life instead of falling into peer pressure and average living."

Former YYLC delegate & staff member Katie Proctor

From YYLC Campers

"Oh my...where to begin? YYLC has played a MONUMENTAL role in my life.  Simply being around the quality people who come each year and the incredible speakers has expanded my thinking and encouraged me to always try to see the bigger picture and never settle. I guarantee that YYLC is right for anyone literally. It's not merely a "camp."  It's a week that charges you up for the entire year, refuels your energy and belief level.  I really can't imagine what my life would be lacking if I hadn't gone for the last 8 consecutive years. I am so thankful that the Yager family has made YYLC happen every year...and get *even better* every year.

Alexandra Powell

"I believe YYLC has the missing key that an adolescent needs in order to understand that miracles are not random, They are staged by people just like him/her who believe their relevance is worth greatly. YYLC taught me my value is the basis of my future.

Omar Adrian Hinojosa

"The first year I attended YYLC I was quite shy and timid and that one week of camp changed me so much that when I got back home, my youth pastor asked my parents what had happened to me. I will always be grateful to YYLC for pulling me out of my shell! You don't attend YYLC for the amazing speakers, for the lifelong friends, for the games, the food, or to get out of the house. The reason you go to YYLC is because of who you become in the process.

Michael Henderson

"Hi, my name Is Maria and all I have to say is that YYLC changed my life in many ways. I learned to follow my dreams, to have faith in all that I do and to always believe in myself. YYLC is one of the best camps I have ever attended. I recommend YYLC to all people. YYLC will make you realize what's important in your life and will change your way of thinking in a positive way. You will meet new people and you will make lots a great friends that will last a lifetime. So don't wait anymore and GOO!"

Maria McCain