A Day In A Life

This schedule is not set-in-stone, but a sample of what goes on during a typical day at YYLC.
7:00 wake-up call!
7:30-8:30 breakfast in cafeteria – see all the friends you made yesterday!
8:45-9:30 general assembly – time to get moving for the day
9:40-11:00 council meeting – read and discuss the handbook; do team building activities
11:15-12:00 dvd – you may laugh or you may cry, but you will never forget the message
12:00-1:00 lunch – re-fuel for the afternoon
1:00-2:00 group instruction – new topics to discuss and practice each day
2:00-2:20 break – hang out with friends, grab a quick snack
2:20-3:00 council meeting – do some mountain climbing – a goal setting activity
3:10-4:00 special presentation by speaker – get ready to laugh and learn
4:15-5:00 free time – audition for talent show, talk with friends, play some football...
5:00-6:00 dinner – more time to get to know new friends or reconnect with old ones
6:00-8:00 talent show – show off your skills
8:00-10:00 mixers – get to know all the YYLC delegates and staff
10:00-10:30 closing – wind down the day with a thought-provoking story by a staff member
10:30-11:00 dorm time – say goodnight and get ready for bed
11:00 lights out – rest up for another big day tomorrow!
All meetings and presentations are guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, and think!